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"Amber, what do you DO?!"

When we work together,  I am your a la carte Marketing Team –
because this (mostly) one-woman show really kinda does it all.


And if I can't? I know who to call on! I have an incredible pool of colleagues that really know their stuff. I have over 20 years of diverse knowledge, insights, and know-how to be your advocate and voice – as I work with them to get you what you and your business need.

Whether you’re already established, or just figuring things out – there are so many options for how your brand and marketing can all come together. I LOVE learning the ins and outs of what you do, and helping you see what makes your business so stand out.


From there, we brainstorm – and find how we can talk to your audience in the way the works best for you. Does this mean that sometimes I might suggest ideas outside
of your comfort zone? Yep, probably. You can roll your eyes at me, it's okay – this is what you hire me for!


But rest assured there will always be a reason why, and an open communication line between us for feedback and discussion. We will work together to find your brand’s vision, voice, what kind of content you need... and how to get the most out of it.

Planning + Content Management

Big picture or zeroed in.

Success is in a plan. Let's talk about your needs, wants, and goals – and have a discussion about the best way to get there, and in what order.


From there I work with you to get the info I need to get me started, and I provide you with a plan. I will pop in for input and approvals along the way, but my goal is always make sure that your time is focused on your business, and what you do best. We check-in and meet with a schedule that works best for you!

Maybe it's a monthly calendar, an annual plan, or a specific project – let's make it reality, and make the most out of the content!


Brand Development

Let's figure out who & what you are.

Let's talk font and colours, voice, graphics, and who or what inspires you (or who doesn't!). Maybe you love emojis – maybe you loathe them! Who's your competition? Let's maybe avoid looking like them...

Let's put it all together and see it come to life
in a way that's consistent and reliable.


Graphic Design + Copywriting

Let your brand sing!

I take a thoughtful and considerate approach your design and copy, while always keeping your brand's look and tone top of mind.

Not only will it look great, but it everything
I do is designed for the user experience, too.

With a career spanning over 20 years, I have a diverse portfolio of everything from billboards and brands to email marketing, social media graphics, event invitations, stationary, websites, and really – anything both digital or print.

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